1097178_728914347135732_789126768_oSince I was very young I spent most of my time putting together pieces of puzzles using Lego etc the process helped develop my creativity, patience and sense of wanting to build up my skills.

My favorite courses in school were Math, Physics, Informatics and Chemistry; during my spare time I would study at home Science, History, Art and Psychology. I can be very pretentious in selecting and understanding the “beautiful” in a very short time.

My biggest achievement was entering the industry in less than a year after having first laid my hands on editing software. The music videos I’ve been editing have been successful and broadcasted on MTV in different countries which opened my possibilities working with professionals. Also awarded internationally for the short film “Quotidian”.

My latest achievement was to work on set with World Media Rights, a professional team, where I had the chance to analyze the whole process close to the director and the DoP. It was also an opportunity to experience the special effects on set as explosions, gun fire and military training. The documentary will be broadcasted on Discovery Military Channel and the participation on this project has guaranteed future collaboration with the production.

A quote Leonardo Da Vinci said that’s lingered in my mind is ‘Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art.’ Every editor should have the essential knowledge and passion in psychology and neurology in order to understand his audience. Mirror neurons are the portals that allow us to connect with different characters. Feelings and emotions are awakening once the viewer has identified similarities or the viewer must desire to become something else.

I am confident with my position as my role in society is to OBSERVE and ANALYZE. My purpose is to innovate and entertain the living.


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